Recovery/Repossession Insurance

Cardinal Recovery, Inc. is bonded, licensed and insured by Harding Brooks Insurance Agency. Our insurance package includes –

  • General


  • Automobile


  • Umbrella Liability/Excess


  • Worker’s Compensation and Employers’


  • Garage


  • On-hook


  • Employee Dishonesty Policy

    which includes Computer Crime

  • Cyber privacy


Our insurance coverage is one of the most comprehensive policies in the repossession/recovery industry.

<!–Worker’s Compensation–>

In accordance with the State of North Carolina laws in relation to Worker’s Compensation, Cardinal Recovery, Inc. carries the appropriate coverage to meet industry and Statewide criteria.

Red Flag Policy

In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) new set of rules for regulating access to private information, Cardinal Recovery, Inc. has in place a Red Flag Policy which ensures that we are  in full compliance with the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACT Act) Identity Theft Red Flag (FACT Act Section 114) and Address Discrepancy (FACT Act Sections 114 and 315) rulings.

Business Licence

Cardinal Recovery, Inc. meets the State of North Carolina legal requirements in being licensed to conduct business in the entire State of Carolina.


Cardinal Recovery, Inc. is a proud member of the American Recovery Association (ARA). “American Recovery Association (ARA) is the world’s largest association of certified, trained and compliant recovery and remarketing professionals.”


To add to our professional and quality service, we ensure that all team members are “CARS (Certified Asset Recovery Specialist) certified.

In additional our entire team being CARS certified, Cardinal Recovery, Inc. provides re-certifications for all team members annually through the ARA (American Recovery Association), VTS (Vendor Transparency Solutions), and CARS (Certified Asset Recovery Specialist) programs.


As a progressive, pro-active and growing recovery/repossession company, Cardinal Recovery, Inc. recognizes the need to utilize up-to-the-minute technology that helps us to provide prime customer service to our clients, our field agents and our administrative staff.

Presently the company utilizes a recovery management software program that is specifically designed for the recovery/repossession industry. RDN – Recovery Database Network is a web-based program, and therefore affords flexible access from any location and at any time.

RDN is a secure site and has the flexibility to be used to maximize repossession activity, thus allowing us to manage and control our business and yours. For example, the system provides-

  • Management and

    control of our business and yours

  • Immediate contact re account or collateral status,

    irrespective of location

  • Day to day operations on accounts, whatever their status and requirements e.g.,

    provision of timely updates

  • Client access to their accounts and have the ability

    to monitor their progression through the system

  • Monitor and evaluate our Field Agents

    activity and performance

  • Monitor and evaluate our Account Executives performance

    Account Executives performance



This ‘state of the art’ technology has created even more ‘added value’ to the services that Cardinal Recovery, Inc. offers and provides.

All our trucks are fitted with GPS systems and all our Field Agents are equipped with wireless laptops, enabling them to access immediate information regarding client accounts, skip-tracing capabilities and provide up-to-the-minute updates while out in the field.